Bernadette Our Lady’s Little Servant

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Here is the little story of the great miracle of Lourdes. Paperback, 192 pages.

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This is the engaging story about the girl to whom the Blessed Virgin appeared as “a little young lady.”  Twelve warmly written chapters provide an in-depth look at the life and faith journey of Bernadette. Paperback, 192 pages. Bernadette Soubirous lived with her parents, brothers, and sisters in the abandoned jail of the little French village of Lourdes, never dreaming that the very name of Lourdes would one day bring inspiration and hope to millions. Bernadette studied her Catechism, took care of her brothers and sisters, gathered firewood – and no one knew she would become a saint. One day, as she was gathering wood, Our Lady appeared. Within a few weeks, thousands were kneeling in the field to pray to the Lady who could be seen and heard only by Bernadette. This was the beginning of one of the greatest Marian shrines of modern times and of the miracles with which Our Lady blessed her children.

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