Born Into The Kingdom: The Miracle of Baptism

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This happy presentation is a great reminder of God’s wonderful gift of grace.

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Join Brother Francis in this delightfully inspirational and instructive presentation about the Sacrament of Baptism and how it makes us part of God’s big family.

This episode includes:
In the Garden – an animated presentation of the story of Adam and Eve and what led to their disobedience.
I’ve Got a Family – a colorful, musical celebration of God’s grace and the blessing He bestows upon us through the Sacrmanet of Baptism.
Jesus is the LIght of the World – a heart-warming song that shows us how God is present in the world today.
How we celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism. Brother Francis is so much fun that it’s no wonder kids love to learn the Faith with him. He’ll capture their hearts and captivate their minds as the ever faithful, always joyful, tad bit spunky host of this A+ Catholic DVD series. Excellent animation and Brother’s reverent vitality really pop! these productions which present a saint story, a catchy tune or two, and a prayerful song to help kids learn about the title theme. At nearly 30 minutes in length, these movies are short enough to keep a tot’s attention (and leave them wanting more!), but long enough to convey a solid message. When it comes to faith instruction for little ones, we know you’ll be happy to have basketball-toting Brother Francis on your team. Ages 3-8. English & Spanish viewing options add another dimension of learning. Run time approximately 30 minutes

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