Golden Legend Of Young Saints

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Warmly written stories of bold young saints cultivate virtue in today’s youth. Ages 9-12.

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The “Golden Legend,” the author explains, was a household word in the Middle Ages. “It stood for an enormous book in which a learned priest had set down everything he could find about the saints and martyrs of the Church, everything he thought interesting, strange, amusing sometimes, and, of course, instructive.”

This fascinating collection of warmly written stories of saints both young and bold shower today’s Catholic youth with lessons in faith, hope and charity, a splendid love of God and examples of the highest virtues. It’s a a sort of portrait gallery of admirable young people – some who practiced exceptional virtues from a very early age, and others who played some part in important episodes of Christian history.

The 16 Chapters average 10 pages with both well and lesser known saints, including Aloysius Gonzaga; Dominic Savio; Bernadette Soubirous; Jeanne d’Arc; the Young Martyrs of Uganda; Odilia the Blind Princess; Blandina, the Slave Girl; St. Agnes; Genevieve the Shepherdess, and more. Paperback, 148 pages. Ages 9-12.

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