Kids’ Book Of Heroes

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These uplifting stories show kids how ordinary people can become real life heroes. Ages 6-12.

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These compelling stories get kids thinking about how a regular person becomes a real hero. The life stories of these 35 Catholic heroes and saints from throughout history are exciting and fascinating, sometimes funny and othertimes touching, but at all times descriptive of real-life heros, “people who look at the world around them, see what needs to be done, and through the grace of God find the strength” to help get it done. The 2-5 page stories are listed under chapter headings titled after the Seven Virtues ( how cool is that?). This book makes a delightful read-aloud for children aged 6-9, while older children will enjoy it on their own. Hardcover, 196 pages, 7″ x 10″. Ages 6-12.


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