Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar

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Try this soft, unbreakable Advent Calendar for little ones!

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The unique thing about this Advent Calendar is that it includes a numbered pocket for Christmas. Snuggled inside there is a plump baby Jesus figure to be added on Christmas day! While awaiting that joyful day, display this engaging Advent calendar in your home where it can open the door to Christmas stories (both scripture and family Christmases!) and bring the true meaning of Christmas into the hearts of your children. 25 colorful, velcro-backed figures are nestled into embroidered pockets numbering the days of Advent (and the special one for Christmas). Youngsters will never tire of arranging the cute pieces to recreate their own visual story of the first Nativity. Hanging Advent Calendar measures 14″ wide by 30″ long with figures that range from approximately 2″ – 3″ tall.

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Dimensions 14 × 30 × 1 in


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