Pet Parables VOL. 1

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This delightful menagerie of animal buddies teach youngsters what friendship really means. Ages 4+.

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Children love animals so what better way to teach about friendship and the virtue of Charity than through this duo of charmingPet Parables? The antics and adventures of Siamese Cat, Black Cat and Alley Cat in “The Cat Who Smelled like Cabbage,” and Grumble duck and pals in “The Duck Who Quacked Bubbles” takes them over bumps on the road to friendship as they learn how to tell the truth, cooperate, share, speak kindly and respect one another.
This volume of two colorfully illustrated stories concludes with a special page of interactive questions for parents to use to reinforce the friendship lesson of each story. For example in “The Cat” the author asks “How does God want us to treat people that are different from us?”

Ages 4+.
Hardcover, 8.25” x 8.25, 48 pages.

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