Prayer Pillowcase St PeterPrayer Pillowcase St Peter


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The Saint Peter Prayer Pillowcase gives children comforting reassurance of God’s forgiveness and mercy.

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We all make mistakes. And if there’s anyone who knows what it’s like to make whopper of a mistake, it’s Saint Peter! Here is a man who loved Jesus dearly and served him faithfully yet denounced him at a crucial moment. THAT’S a whopper! The Gospel tells us it wasn’t because of a heartfelt defiance or loss of faith on Peter’s part. It was because he was so scared by the turmoil going on around him that for a minute he forgot to trust Jesus. And in that moment his fear and lack of trust turned him into a coward.
But Jesus not only forgave Peter, he chose him to be the first pope of the Church! And Peter chose to accept Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy. What better way to reassure those suffering through the emotions and consequences of their mistakes than by the encouraging example of Saint Peter? Offer your loved one the Saint Peter Prayer Pillowcase as a comforting reminder to pray for the intercession of this saint who understands what it feels like to make a mistake. The heartfelt prayer will help children foster their fortitude to love and trust God at all times, to be quick to ask for His guidance when challenges get scary, and to trust in God’s mercy, like Saint Peter did!
Saint Peter’s Feast Day is June 29th.

Saint Peter Our First Pope,
You understand what it is to make a mistake.
Help me confront my mistakes, humbly seek God’s forgiveness,
and trust in His mercy as you did.
Saint Peter, you are the rock upon which Jesus chose to build His Church.
Please pray for me that I may be steady as a rock in difficult times,
and that I will live my life in a way that is pleasing to God.

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This uniquely inspirational pillowcase is designed and printed in the USA. The image is printed directly on to the fabric, which makes it soft to the touch and ready to endure repeated washings. The poly/cotton pillowcase measures 20″ x 31″ and fits both standard and queen sized pillows.

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