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The Saint Philomena Prayer Pillowcase awakens young hearts to the “wonder-worker,” the heavenly friend who wants to pray for their purity and holiness!

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Did you know Saint Philomena is the only person to be canonized a Saint solely on the basis of miraculous intercessions? That’s because so little is known about her life on earth yet so much has been recorded about her intercessions. What we do know is that in His great compassion God granted the young maiden-martyr powerful intercession, for soon after the discovery of her remains in 1802 (which had rested in Rome’s most ancient catacombs for nearly seventeen hundred years!) her healing miracles and intercessions began.
With the inviting Saint Philomena Prayer Pillowcase you can introduce your child to a Saint who knows well the faith challenges young Catholics face – she was about 13 when she died. How happy children will be to discover they have a special friend in heaven who understands the anxieties and challenges of youth and wants to pray for their purity and holiness. Indeed, Saint Philomena works to bring all the faithful closer to Jesus and His Blessed Mother!
Saint Philomena’s Feast Day is August 11
She is the Patron Saint of: Babies, Infants and Youth
Prayer to Saint Philomena:
O Saint Philomena!
You were so young when you gave
your life to protect your faith and purity.
Through His compassion God granted you powerful intercession for those who seek your prayers.
O great Saint! I humbly ask for your
miraculous prayers and protection
on my journey through life.
And I pray that like you I may be
a light for others. Amen
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Prayer Pillowcases are designed and printed in the USA.
The original image is printed directly on the fabric, to give you a soft yet durable product. Inks are CPSIA compliant. The poly/cotton pillowcase measures 20″ x 31″ and fits both standard and queen sized pillows.

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