Prayer Pillowcase-St-CeciliaPrayer Pillowcase-St-Cecilia


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All ages will be inspired by this sweetly symbolic portrait of Saint Cecilia.

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Saint Cecilia’s Feast Day is November 22nd. She is one of the most popular Roman martyrs. And with good reason! She put aside her family’s wealth to live her life as God’s instrument, to do His will, even after she was forced to marry a pagan. In fact, her life was such a sincere example of Christ’s love that her new husband was inspired to convert soon after they married. And, soon after that his brother did too!
The pretty portrait and prayerful affirmation of faith on this Saint Cecilia Prayer Pillowcase offers encouragement to young and old alike, especially those who are feeling tormented by social conventions. It’s also a wonderful reminder to sing God’s praises, in both words and actions!

Prayer to Saint Cecilia: Dear Saint Cecilia, You knew the angel watching over you, and you so deeply trusted in God! That is why I ask that you help me to always remember God’s love and protection. Help me to be His instrument so that my life may be a beautiful song of salvation for my soul, and the souls of others. Amen

Personalize it! Click “View Additional Images” to see this version.
You may use up to 23 characters/spaces. Use the drop down menu above and choose “Personalized Prayer Pillowcase.” Then write the name in the box provided, using up to 23 characters/spaces. Please allow an additional 5 days for your pillowcase to be personalized.
Popular personalization ideas include:
First name only: Gina
First and middle names: Gina Marie
Adding the word “pillowcase” after the name: Gina’s Pillowcase
Adding the year: Gina Marie 2014 All Prayer Pillowcases are designed and printed in the USA.
The original image is printed directly on the fabric, to give you a soft yet durable product. Inks are CPSIA compliant. The poly/cotton pillowcase measures 20″ x 31″ and fits both standard and queen sized pillows.

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