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Patron Saint of women with husbands at war, prisoners.

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This 3 1/2″ tall pewter figurine is remarkably detailed! From the features on the saint’s face, and the folds of the garments to the accessories that tradition commonly associates with this saint. Last but not least the saint’s name is inscribed on the base of this sturdy little statue.

About St. Daniel . . . The Book of Daniel tells how a Jewish captive Daniel rose to a high position in the Babylonian court thanks to his ability to interpret dreams. Daniel is also a personification of Justice. One of the most famous episodes of his legend is that of Daniel in the lion’s den. Jealous of the favor Daniel enjoyed with the king, some courtiers accused him of not worshipping the king in his prayers, which was the law. Daniel worshipped only God and thus violated the king’s edict. He was thrown into a den with lions. But the Lord sent an angel, who shut the lions’ mouths. The king, who loved Daniel, was very glad and ordered the accusers to be put into the den, where they were immediately torn into pieces.

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