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Patron Saint of converts.
Feast Day: July 12.

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This 3 1/2″ tall pewter figurine is finely detailed, from the features on the saint’s face, and the folds of the garments to the accessories commonly associated with this saint. Last but not least the saint’s name is inscribed on the base of this sturdy little statue.

About St. Jason . . . Acts 17:5-9 says that while on a missionary journey St. Paul stayed at Jason’s home in Thessalonica. The Jews became jealous and recruited some ne’-er-do wells to set the city in turmoil. They marched on the house of Jason, and dragged them before the city magistrates, shouting, “These people who have been creating a disturbance all over the world have now come here, and Jason has welcomed them. They all act in opposition to the decrees of Caesar and claim instead that there is another king, Jesus.” They stirred up the crowd and the city magistrates who, upon hearing these charges, took a surety payment from Jason and the others before releasing them.

This is probably the Jason referred to with Lucius and Sosipater as the kinsmen of St. Paul in his letter to the Romans. In the Greek legend he is represented as bishop of Tarsus in Silicia, going with St. Sosipater, bishop of Iconium, to Corfu, evangelizing that island, and dying there. After preaching successfully for some time, the two missionaries were thrown into prison, where they converted seven thieves who afterward achieved martyrdom. The Syrians, however, venerate Jason as the apostle of the district around Apanea and as a martyr who was thrown to the beasts.

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