Prayer Pillowcase-St-Joan-of-ArcPrayer Pillowcase-St-Joan-of-Arc


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This Prayer Pillowcase features a beautifully detailed portrait of God’s Maid, Joan of Arc.

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Imagine an unschooled, teenaged girl standing victorious amongst seasoned warriors on the battlefield. Incredible, but through the hand of God, true! This compelling portrait of Joan of Arc, the “Maid,” captures the essence of that miracle. Her strong spirit and enduring faith radiate from this vibrant composition, and are reiterated through the companion prayer (see below) which reminds us to put our complete trust and faith in God.
This unique inspirational pillowcase is designed and printed in the USA using a method that prints directly on to the fabric. This means it’s always soft to the touch and ready to endure repeated washings. The poly/cotton pillowcase measures 20″ x 31″ and fits both standard and queen sized pillows.

Personalize it! Click “View Additional Images” to see this version.
You may use up to 23 characters/spaces. Use the drop down menu above and choose “Personalized Prayer Pillowcase.” Then write the name in the box provided, using up to 23 characters/spaces. Please allow an additional 5 days for your pillowcase to be personalized.
Popular personalization ideas include:
First name only: Natalie
First and middle names: Natalie Angela
Adding the word “pillow” after the name: Natalie’s Pillow
Adding the year: Natalie Angela 2012

Prayer to Saint Joan of Arc

I pray that I may be as strong in
my beliefs as you, St. Joan.
I ask that you ride alongside me
in my own battles.
Help me remember that what is worthwhile
can be won when I persevere.
Help me hold firm in my faith, and to believe,
as my Heavenly Father does, in my ability
to act well and wisely.

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