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Patron Saint of philosophers, public speakers, apologists.
Feast Day: June 1.

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This 3 1/2″ tall pewter figurine is remarkably detailed! From the features on the saint’s face, and the folds of the garments to the accessories that tradition commonly associates with this saint. Last but not least the saint’s name is inscribed on the base of this sturdy little statue.

About St. Justin . . . Martyr, philosopher, and defender of Christianity. St. Justin was born into a pagan family at Flavia Neopolis, or Nablus, in Palestine. At the age of 30, he became a Christian and traveled to debate pagan philosophers, eventually going to Rome. There he was denounced and tried with Charita, Chariton, Euelpistus, Hierox, Liberianus, and Paeon. They were scourged and beheaded. Justin, also called “the Philosopher,” was the first layman to serve as an apologist. His works include Apologies for the Christian Religion and Dialogue with the Jew Trypho.

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