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Patron Saint of intestinal and stomach disorders.
Feast Day: January 26.

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This 3 1/2″ tall pewter figurine is remarkably detailed! From the features on the saint’s face, and the folds of the garments to the accessories that tradition commonly associates with this saint. Last but not least the saint’s name is inscribed on the base of this sturdy statue.

About St. Timothy . . . St. Timothy, the son of a Gentile father and a Jewish mother, became one of the most beloved and trusted disciples of St. Paul after his conversion in around the year 47. He was ordained to the ministry and sent as Paul’s representative to the Thessalonians, Corinthians and Ephesians. Timothy was probably with Paul when the Apostle was imprisoned at Caesarea and then Rome. At Paul’s request, Timothy comforted him while he was imprisoned. He was himself imprisoned but then freed. According to tradition, he went to Ephesus, became its first bishop, but was then stoned to death after he opposed the pagan festival of Katagogian in honor of Diana.

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