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Strengthening Your Family – A Catholic Approach to Holiness at Home

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Is the “domestic church” alive and well in your home? This warm, witty, refreshingly honest parenting guide can help you nurture holiness in your home.

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As the mother of four children, ages 15-25, Catholic author Marge Fenelon has been in the trenches of parenthood and has much to share with us. Archbishop (now Cardinal) Timothy Dolan writes in the forward, “Using the Holy Family’s example as a constant reference point for her own blueprint for parenting, Marge gets it right as she relates how focusing on, encouraging, and expecting growth in virtue and character will lead to the only real, true, ultimate goal – holiness of life.”

This excellent parenting guide with its 24 short, readable chapters is written with ordinary families in mind. Marge is refreshingly honest and isn’t afraid to admit her struggles and the mistakes she’s made along the way in trying, along with her husband, to raise her family to holiness. Her personal narratives and real-life examples show us how to find teachable moments within those struggles. She’s “been there – done that” and has much good and Godly advice to share on marriage, and parenting children of all ages. Marge is a delight to read – and REAL – such as the day she “blew a gasket during chore time” or when one of her chore-shirking children “was busted and had no choice but to ‘fess up”. Or how about her call to “rise above the riffraff in our lives…that will drag us down into the scum of sin”? She lives where we live.

This book is Catholic through and through, with practical and do-able advice, including how-to tips along with sample dialog for handling everyday family conflicts. The author has found the perfect relevant quotes and uplifting prayer to include in each chapter, drawn from popes, bishops, the Saints and scripture. Each chapter concludes with questions for deeper reflection on applying that particular lesson to your own family. Paperback, 192 pages, 8″ x 5 ¼”.

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