The Story of Noah's ArkThe Story of Noah's Ark

The Story of Noah’s Ark

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A long time ago, the people of the world were not treating each other kindly. God was very sad, and so he decided to send a flood to cover the entire world. However, one man, Noah, and his family were very good people, so God told Noah to build a big boat and to gather two of every kind of animal to be kept safe in the boat when the floor arrived. Noah did as God commanded and soon he, his family, and all the animals were drifting in the flood waters. After many weeks of waiting, the flood went away and Noah, his family, and the animals were able to again return to land. God set a rainbow in the sky, promising Noah that he would never again flood the earth.

Share this remarkable and classic Books story with young ones with this delightful new picture Books. With stunning art by Helen Dardik, and simplified text for little readers, The Story of Noah’s Ark is sure to become a favorite for families.


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