Thomas the Apostle Builder and BelieverThomas the Apostle Builder and Believer

Thomas the Apostle: Builder and Believer

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Children learn how the Apostle Thomas built churches so people could gather and pray. His faith and courage helped him become a great missionary. From the Saints and Me! series

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Thomas witnessed Jesus preaching, performing miracles, and dying on a cross. Thomas did not believe in the resurrection at first, but when Jesus appeared to him in person, his faith grew stronger. He went out to teach and preach like Jesus. He traveled to Persia and India, building churches and evangelizing. His feast day is July 3, and he is the patron of builders and architects as well as the Apostle of India. Saints are real-life heroes of faith who inspire us by their virtues to become more like Christ. In the Saints and Me! series, these beautifully illustrated early-reader books tell the real stories of saints that come to life and connect with today’s children aged 4 to 9.

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