Vessels And Vestments Mini Posters

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Help youngsters learn the names of many things they often see in Church with this set of 18 big picture cards.

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There are many things we often see in Church but do not always know the names of. Why not post these big pictures to help your youngster (and the entire family!) learn the names of 18 items commonly found in Church? You could rotate their display on your child’s bulletin board or on the fridge with magnets, or you could choose two or three new pictures to introduce during the week. Then at Mass you could encourage your child to find those particular objects. Introducing two or three new pictures during each week of Advent or Lent would also be a fun and meaningful way for children to learn. Pleasing illustrations and captions are printed on 8″ x 10″ mini posters of heavy paper, which could easily be laminated for many years of use.

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